If you’re considering purchasing a home, come to Savyon where you’ll note its outstanding advantages.  But some of those advantages are hidden from the eye and require close familiarization with the suburb.  De Botton Real Estate, Savyon’s veteran and most successful agency, is ready to show you those unique aspects that will accessibilize your optimal decision.

Savyon – what you’ll see

First and foremost, Savyon’s location gives it a huge advantage.  Savyon’s pastoral atmosphere and sense of community are just 10 km from Tel Aviv’s city center hub and hubbub.  Geographically, a home in Savyon lets you enjoy the best of both worlds: expansive green spaces and open areas, particularly large plots of land for building, low rise building, exclusive villas and luxury private homes, all a short distance from Israel’s business and cultural center.  The prime advantage in Savyon’s development is that it’s become known as a leader in quality demography and having one of the highest socio-economic standards in Israel.  Living here is to live among the best, with its prestigious atmosphere and know that you’ll always be able to enjoy the unique charm of Savyon.

Savyon – hidden gems

Some of Savyon’s exclusivity, inherent to its charm and atmosphere, is not immediately noticeable and requires the assistance of an expert’s eye to point it out.  One significant characteristic contributing to Savyon’s quality of life is the fact that in the past, it was an agricultural village with well developed community interactions.  In a community with no more than 1200 families, living in Savyon can still be like living in a large, warm community, as the proverb says: “Better a good neighbor close by than a relative far away.”  Savyon offers diverse activities for all ages, from kindergarten to golden age, including enrichment programs, sports, trips, lectures and more.  Savyon has much to be proud of, and for good reason, including the educational achievements of its schools, and its proximity to two of Israel’s top universities.

Realizing Savyon’s advantages