Cottages for sale in Savyon

Savyon cottages – Living the right way Anyone seeking a cottage for sale in Savyon is seeking that unique and perfect integration of a private home, and good neighbors.  Cottages are ground hugging homes with private gardens which are usually constructed alongside one or more identical homes in well nurtured pastoral areas.  Living in Savyon […]

Plots of land for sale in Savyon

Savyon – Synonymous with Quality of Life For some decades now, Savyon has consistently been rated as having one of the highest socio-economic statuses in Israel.  And for good reason!  Its geographic location, just 10 km out of Tel Aviv, its open green spaces inside and surrounding the township, its expansive plots for low level […]

How to sell a luxury property

The field of real estate in Israel is expansive and dynamic.  Marketing a property must suit that property’s nature.  In Israel in general, and Savyon in particularly, specific locations are considered prestigious and contain high end construction and options.  Marketing a luxury property requires professionalism, close familiarity with the area’s real estate market, and expertise […]

Your guide to buying a plot of land in an exclusive location

Which of us wouldn’t love to have a home in one of Israel’s most exclusive locations?  And if we’re talking exclusive, why not add that personal touch to our home?  If you’ve been planning on buying a plot of land for your dream home, or as an investment, and if you can allow yourself an […]

Prestigious homes for sale in Savyon

Without any doubt, just the mention of the name “Savyon” brings to mind a particularly prestigious neighborhood.  And it’s no secret.  Savyon is one of the predominant locations among several that top Israel’s list for a range of socio-economic indices.  That, and Savyon’s bucolic nature, preserved in this area, make Savyon a top location when […]


Savyon speaks not only of taste and particularly, high end taste, but much more.  Savyon, established in 1951, quickly became a symbol of how an atmosphere of luxury merges with an atmosphere of lively community in a pastoral atmosphere.  Just 10 km from Tel Aviv, Savyon is the ultimate location for maintaining exclusivity while being […]


If you’re considering purchasing a home, come to Savyon where you’ll note its outstanding advantages.  But some of those advantages are hidden from the eye and require close familiarization with the suburb.  De Botton Real Estate, Savyon’s veteran and most successful agency, is ready to show you those unique aspects that will accessibilize your optimal […]

Luxury homes for rant in savyon

Luxury homes for rant in savyon Savyon offers its resident a broad array of much-desired advantages.Whether it’s uncompromising luxury properties or prestigious villas, expansive plots of land or green spaces, the pastoral atmosphere mingled with the community’s warmth for singles or families are all part of Savyon’s unique makeup.One possibility for living in Savyon is […]

Houses for sale in Savyon

Few areas in Israel have gained as widespread a reputation as Savyon.  With its ultimate merge of location, population, green spaces, community life, low rise buildings and atmosphere, are what shapes Savyon’s uniqueness.  The name “Savyon” itself enfolds decades of quality, and many home buyers seek to join this suburb, considered one of the most […]


Savyon – one of the first names that come to mind when talking about classy neighborhoods in Israel.  And yes, that means pricey, but also exclusive.  Little wonder – because Savyon is consistently rated a leader in Israel’s social and economic scales, offering high quality of life in a pastoral atmosphere, and no more than […]

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