About Savyon

Savyon, an independent municipality approximately 10km from Tel Aviv and around 15 minutes from Ben-Gurion International Airport, is Israel’s most prestigious villa neighborhood, and represents the standard to which all other luxury neighborhoods aspire.

Savyon includes approximately 1,200 villas situated in especially large grounds, as well as the extensive public areas, parks and gardens that make the town an exceptional “green lung” within the national landscape.

The town of Savyon provides its residents with an atmosphere of complete serenity and personal security, serving as an exemplar of genuine quality living. This is why Savyon is the Israeli leader in all major indices: prosperity, community life, and socioeconomic status.

Savyon’s high living standards are reflected not only in its magnificent villas and elegant, well-tended environment, but also in the excellent community life, which is participated in by most residents. The town also has a first-rate educational system, including an elementary-middle school, kindergartens, after-school programs, and activities for children of all ages. In addition, Savyon offers sports halls, varied sports activities, a large and very active scout troop, vibrant library, well-attended synagogues, and cultural institutions, as well as diverse activities for adults and retirees: sports, gym, bridge club, enrichment classes, lectures, activities, trips around Israel, and frequent social gatherings.

All this and more leads to the undeniable conclusion that Savyon is a truly rare and precious gem at the heart of Israel.

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