The de-Botton real estate agency in Savyon was founded 50 years ago by Ester de-Botton, a Savyon resident, and has been managed in recent years by her daughter, Lior Shklarsh, who has lived in the town since childhood.

Our agency has dominated the local real estate market from the time it was established, and we are regarded by both the general public and the business community as one of Israel’s most professional and highly respected real estate agencies. 

Lior Shklarsh, who graduated in law from Tel Aviv University, has lived in Savyon with her family for decades. She knows every nook and cranny of the town and is active in the Savyon community, always gaining new insight into all aspects of Savyon and the local real estate market.

For 50 consecutive years, we have performed the highest percentage of real estate transactions in Savyon, and mediated sales for 90% of Savyon’s most exclusive and unique properties.

It’s therefore no wonder that our agency has the largest portfolio of premium Savyon properties, from Israel’s most prestigious villas to smaller and more modest residences. This portfolio is exclusive to our agency and you will not find these properties on any other website or real estate source.

Our reputation is founded on our exceptional professionalism, discretion, and uncompromising standards, which have been appreciated by hundreds of customers over the years: major economic figures, lawyers, accountants, leading appraisers, businesspeople, and foreign residents – all satisfied customers who heartily recommend our services. The many social and business relationships we have formed help us to locate new customers and close deals in the most respectable manner.

As a private company active in the boutique real estate market, rather than a multi-branch chain, all our customers receive the best personal service throughout every stage of the process.

The real estate consulting services we provide are based on a thorough analysis that examines every aspect of the transaction on the customer’s behalf, including planning and taxation. We also make architects and other professionals available to the customer in order to supply an initial estimate of the costs associated with potential property alterations. This is all provided with no financial commitment on the part of the buyer.

Even after the transaction has been successfully signed, customers receive personal support as they make the transition to Savyon and become a real part of the local community.

It is clear to all that no other real estate agency is as long-established or experienced as de-Botton. And – allow us to indulge in a little immodesty – our customers attest time and time again that we are not just a Savyon real estate agency, but the Savyon real estate agency

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