Savyon – one of the first names that come to mind when talking about classy neighborhoods in Israel.  And yes, that means pricey, but also exclusive.  Little wonder – because Savyon is consistently rated a leader in Israel’s social and economic scales, offering high quality of life in a pastoral atmosphere, and no more than a short distance from Tel Aviv, Israel’s business and cultural center.

Prestigious area – not distanced but in the center

Unlike residential options in luxury high rises popping up around main cities, Savyon offers a different luxury experience.  In Savyon you’ll find high end properties for rent or sale, from expansive villas to homes with styling rarely found throughout Israel.  But Savyon does not encompass isolation or distance from social and business hubs.  On the contrary: Savyon lets you enjoy a life rich with activities.  Its proximity to Tel Aviv speaks of its incredible location and easy access to business and cultural activities, while its pastoral atmosphere lets you relax away from the city center.  Savyon also offers wonderful community activities for residents wishing to take part.  Savyon is that rare jewel that lets you enjoy the highest quality of life.

Savyon – unique advantages

If you’re looking for quality of life, Savyon offers freedom of choice to suit all needs.  Exclusive properties for rent or sale, plots of land to build your dream home on, or diverse properties that include village style cottages, impressive luxurious homes, prestigious villas and more, to suit even the highest of standards and most personalized tastes – Savyon offers these and more.

An exclusive home needs an exclusive real estate agent

De Botton Real Estate is highly respected in Savyon’s intimate yet high class community.  As Savyon’s veteran agency, we are extremely well positioned to find the luxury property that best addresses your requirements, whether for rent or purchase.  Backing us up is 45 years of experience in Savyon, and exclusive agency rights for a range of unique and prestigious properties.  Our service is exclusive, personal and attentive.  Take advantage of our advantages




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