Plots of land for sale in Savyon

Savyon – Synonymous with Quality of Life

For some decades now, Savyon has consistently been rated as having one of the highest socio-economic statuses in Israel.  And for good reason!  Its geographic location, just 10 km out of Tel Aviv, its open green spaces inside and surrounding the township, its expansive plots for low level construction, its unique demographics, and its bucolic atmosphere – all make Savyon a place of interest for many.  Demand for plots in Savyon is constantly on the rise due to the high quality of life Savyon offers its residents.  Wanting to raise children in a pastoral atmosphere that merges seamlessly with an exclusive population and vibrant community life rich with cultural and leisure activities, and proximity to the throbbing Tel Aviv metropolis with its employee and entertainment options, make Savyon the perfect luxury location.

The dream: a private home and garden

Savyon holds a supply of plots available for immediate construction, making it an extremely attractive place to realize that dream of a private home and garden.  Choose from plots of land in Savyon from a half dunam to a full dunam (500 – 1000 sq.m.) and build your dream home in the pastoral atmosphere of Savyon, which offers quality community life and diverse activities, from education to social events: enrichment activities for children, youth and adults, activities geared to senior citizens, trips, sports activities and events, cultural events, the large Scouts youth movement, a luxurious country club with expansive lawns, swimming pools, tennis courts, gym and more.

Plots for sale in Savyon: Offered exclusively through de Botton Real Estate

De Botton Real Estate holds 55 years of experience in Savyon’s specific areas of real estate and property management.  De Botton, under management of Lior Sklarz, offers clients exclusivity on quality properties in the area and access to plots available for sale.  De Botton handles some 90% of property business in Savyon every year.  Come and enjoy our personal attention, professionalism, and courteous services.  Lior’s high level of involvement in the Savyon community and his familiarity with all areas of local property marketing make it possible for de Botton Real Estate to find a property that’s perfect for your requirements, and to your full satisfaction, in one of Israel’s most luxurious and sought after locations


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