Prestigious homes for sale in Savyon

Without any doubt, just the mention of the name “Savyon” brings to mind a particularly prestigious neighborhood.  And it’s no secret.  Savyon is one of the predominant locations among several that top Israel’s list for a range of socio-economic indices.  That, and Savyon’s bucolic nature, preserved in this area, make Savyon a top location when seeking a quality home to rent or buy.

Savyon – it’s the right place

Savyon offers its residents the perfect integration of convenient location and pastoral atmosphere, as well as a rich and meaningful community life.  This local municipality is just 10 kilometers from Tel Aviv, and 15 from the International Ben Gurion airport, allowing for easy city access but still far enough away from the madding crowd to live among green parks and fields that dot the area known as Bikat Ono.  The municipality is proud of its residents’ expansive involvement in community life, and offers the highest level of services, which consistently places Savyon among the top of the list for quality of life.  Savyon offers schools up to and including 9th grade, kindergartens, and extracurricular activities for children and youth in the afternoons and weekends, as well as supporting a large Scouts movement.  Sports halls are easily accessed, as are cultural institutions, synagogues and activity centers for seniors.  Savyon – promoting quality of life for residents of all ages, close to home.

Exclusive homes – right here, right now

As with any location, the small and well consolidated community of Savyon is understood best by someone deeply familiar and experienced with its many aspects.  If you’re interested in finding a prestigious home in Savyon, your first step would be to avail yourself of the services of an agency with vast experience in the area.  De-Botton Real Estate, under management of Lior Sklarz, is a boutique agency operating primarily in Savyon for the past 45 years.  Our experience and exclusivity have developed into a respected reputation for providing the best there is to the general public, and Israel’s business sector.  For you as a potential purchase, de Botton Real Estate is the perfect starting point.  Lior, fully involved in Savyon’s community and life, and deeply familiar with its real estate options, is the best person to help you find what you’re looking for.


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