Your guide to buying a plot of land in an exclusive location

Which of us wouldn’t love to have a home in one of Israel’s most exclusive locations?  And if we’re talking exclusive, why not add that personal touch to our home?  If you’ve been planning on buying a plot of land for your dream home, or as an investment, and if you can allow yourself an exclusive address, it’s worth taking note of these points.

Investment or your own residence?  Location counts!

In our small and somewhat crowded country of Israel, location is a very significant factor for a number of reasons.  Among them, a location with relative proximity to large cities and metropolises is valuable.  Topping that list is Tel Aviv and Greater Dan.  Proximity to Tel Aviv will, first and foremost, influence finding work among large scale centers of employment.  Proximity to large cities additionally influences other areas of lifestyle, such as proximity to cultural centers and places of entertainment, quality educational institutions, health care and more.  On the other hand, for many, quality of life is just as equally marked by living in an exclusive home or private residence in a pastoral area where open spaces and bucolic quietness are part of the pleasure.

Community life and public services

Quality of life is measured by the quality of infrastructures, community life and services provided to residents.  Community life is a typically predominant trait among Israel’s pastoral locations, some of which nonetheless proudly offer the highest quality services possible, from education for all age groups within or near the neighborhood, to cultural activities geared to young and old, and encompassing sports infrastructures and other options promoting residents’ wellbeing.

Want all that?  Your best choice: a plot of land in Savyon

A plot of land in Savyon is one of the unique options that allows you to enjoy the best of all worlds simultaneously.  Savyon’s excellent location, just 10 km from Tel Aviv, combined with its pastoral atmosphere and large scope plots of land zoned for construction, are almost incomparable to anything offered elsewhere in Israel.  Savyon additionally enjoys top indices in the socio-economic bracket, along with quality educational, wellbeing and cultural options.

De Botton – make yourself at home with us while you look for your home

De Botton Real Estate is a veteran in its field, with 45 years of experience and currently managed by Lior Sklarz.  If you’re looking for a plot of land in Savyon, de Botton Real Estate is the place to start.  Lior, fully involved in Savyon’s life, will make you feel at home with his access to asset holders.  De Botton Real Estate is the go-to agent for some 90% of Savyon’s estate business.  An exclusive plot of land in Savyon starts at de Botton


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