How to sell a luxury property

The field of real estate in Israel is expansive and dynamic.  Marketing a property must suit that property’s nature.  In Israel in general, and Savyon in particularly, specific locations are considered prestigious and contain high end construction and options.  Marketing a luxury property requires professionalism, close familiarity with the area’s real estate market, and expertise in specifics such as the property location, appropriate pricing, a data base of potential clients, and more.  So what’s the best way to market an exclusive property?  Find out below.

Potential buyers

One of the most important factors in marketing an exclusive property is its socio-economic status.  For many buyers interesting in luxury properties, the composition of an area’s population is a determining factor in decision making.  Savyon’s quality population is considered one of the most attractive draws for potential buyers.  Most buyers are assisted by the services of a professional skilled at assessing the property markets, and having expertise in matching properties to buyer requirements.

Discretion versus advertising

Most owners of exclusive properties prefer to maintain a very low profile.  They will not plant signs at the entrance to their homes, nor will the property appear in the commonly used online listings in Israel.  Relevant clients come from a limited pool of potential buyers of an appropriate socio-economic status.  The main marketing investment is through direct interaction, public relations, or private events in Israel and abroad.  Matching, which does not seek the general public, is carried out on an individual or specific basis since the potential population suited to such properties is clearly defined.

Marketing a luxury property.  It all starts with choosing the right agency.

Owners of luxury properties are usually business owners or senior officials.  Their schedules tend to be busy, and do not allow time for conducting the necessary sales procedures.  The best way to sell a luxury property is to take advantage of the services offered by a dependable trustworthy professional.  De Botton Real Estate under the management of Lior Sklarz is a boutique agency with 45 years of experience in real estate I Israel in general, with strong focus on Savyon.  De Botton is a respected professional office handling some 90% of exclusive property sales in Savyon.  De Botton offers you exclusivity, personal attention, expansive knowledge, experience in marketing prestigious properties, the ability to screen potential buyers, and access to the most appropriate pool of clients for your property.


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