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Savyon cottages – Living the right way

Anyone seeking a cottage for sale in Savyon is seeking that unique and perfect integration of a private home, and good neighbors.  Cottages are ground hugging homes with private gardens which are usually constructed alongside one or more identical homes in well nurtured pastoral areas.  Living in Savyon in a dream for many, but cannot always be realized from the economic perspective.  A cottage allows more effective maximization of land and lowers the price of the home, making it more accessible to a larger sector of the public.  While a private home or plot of land in Savyon require far greater scopes of investment, even young couples can often allow themselves a cottage in Savyon, expanding the home as time passes and needs alter.

Quality of life for your family

Buying a cottage in Savyon comes with numerous advantages, especially when we’re talking about families who wish to raise their children in a cohesive, well-educated community with top quality educational infrastructures, vibrant community life, and uncompromising all around quality.

Savyon is without any doubt a brand.  Over time it’s become a symbol of quality of life and social involvement.  Savyon’s residents enjoy a rich, full community life, among the best levels of education in Israel, a sense of strong personal security, and a range of additional factors that lever its human capital and contribute to its own, and Israel’s, community and society.

Savyon has positioned itself as one of the strongest, most attractive townships in Israel, known for its unique nature and high quality of life for veteran families and young new families wishing to join the community.

Everything’s possible – if you’ve got the best real estate agency on your side

Finding a cottage for sale in Savyon is not an easy endeavor.  It’s even more difficult without the services of a professional real estate office with rich knowledge and experience in the area.  De Botton Real Estate, under the management of Lior Sklarz, is an exclusive boutique agency with 55 years of experience in Savyon, and fully conversant with every aspect of Savyon’s life.  Our personal acquaintance with property owners, our privacy-respectful exclusivity arrangements, and our personal attention assure you of accessing properties best suited to your personal needs.


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