Savyon speaks not only of taste and particularly, high end taste, but much more.  Savyon, established in 1951, quickly became a symbol of how an atmosphere of luxury merges with an atmosphere of lively community in a pastoral atmosphere.  Just 10 km from Tel Aviv, Savyon is the ultimate location for maintaining exclusivity while being closely linked to Israel’s business, social and commercial center.

Savyon – right place, right time

It’s excellent position in Bikat Ono, its expansive green spaces and public parks, its large plots of land, low rise homes and luxury villas – if you’re looking for high quality of life, a consolidated community, personal security, and peace of mind, Savyon is the optimal place for you.  Consistently rated among the top suburbs of Israel for all indexes, particularly social and economic, Savyon offers the perfect way to integrate ownership of a high end property right in Israel’s center.  Savyon offers unique and prestigious properties, expansive private homes, and even modest residential options, as well as impressive luxurious villas, and excellent, large plots on which to build your dream house, suited to families large or small, and even to singles.  Want that pastoral atmosphere merged with high end living?  Savyon is the right place for you, and now is the right time to make your move.

Community life, education and more

Beyond the properties available in Savyon, one of the jewels in its crown is its community life and educational options.  Savyon proves that prestige and high quality of life do not necessarily mean social isolation.  Savyon proudly offers diverse community activities in which a high percentage of residents participate.  Find activities for all ages in Savyon, from preschoolers to golden agers, and covering enrichment programs, dance and sports, day trips, lectures, cultural events and youth movements.  Savyon invests strongly in its residents, helping anchor its uniquely charming sense of cohesiveness and supportive community.

How can you join up?

In a community like Savyon, where everyone knows everyone else, a real estate agent deeply familiar with the community is a true asset.  De Botton Real Estate holds exclusive showing rights for diverse properties in Savyon.  Take advantage of our 45 years of accrued experience in Savyon, our close familiarity with property owners, and let us find the option that best suits your requirements.  De Botton Real Estate – we hold the key to the best that Savyon has to offer.